Podcast – Tim Latimer of Fervo Energy on geothermal & hot rocks

Coil rig at Alum project site in Nevada (source: Sierra Geothermal Power)
Alexander Richter 9 Sep 2020

In this recent podcast, Tim Latimer of Fervo Energy gives an insight into geothermal energy in general, and the required technological innovation and ways to cut cost in development.

In a recent episode of Resources Radio, a podcast in the U.S., Tim Latimer of Fervo Energy shares some excellent insights into the potential role of geothermal in the energy future of the U.S.

In the podcast he talks hot rocks, but also the necessary technological innovation required to reduce the environmental impact and the costs of development.

He raises the the growing interest and expansion of geothermal into low er temperature resources utilising binary-cycle power plant technology for power generation, but also on the high up front cost of geothermal.