Poland pushing geothermal heating plans with several projects across the country

View over Warsaw, Poland (source: flickr/ Nikos Roussos, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 27 Sep 2017

Drilling contracts have been signed for five local geothermal heating projects in Poland in a ceremony with the Ministry for the Environment in Poland.

At a press conference yesterday, Poland’s Environment Minister Jan Szyszko reported on new development of geothermal energy in Poland.

“Under us, at a depth of 2 to 3 kilometres, there are huge resources of hot water. We are sitting on a central heating stove; all we need to do is connect the infrastructure.”, he told reporters.

Central and local government officials signed agreements on drilling for geothermal projects, with an estimated cost of PLN 110 million (EUR 25.7 million, $30.3 million), as reported by Radio Poland.

The projects are planned for the districts of Sochaczew and Sieradz in central Poland, Szaflary in the South, and L?dek Zdrój in the Southwest. Another well will be drilled in Chojny near the town of Ko?o in West of Poland.

The Polish government has announced support for geothermal energy, as we reported before and things are now seem to kick off. With sufficient geothermal resources to meet Poland’s needs many times over, according to the Minister, the role will be primarily for heating. The goal is to move from coal-fired heating systems to geothermal heating in efforts to clean the air.

Poland has enough geothermal resources to meet the country’s needs many times over, Szyszko told reporters.

The Ministry of the Environment in Poland estimates about 26 geothermal fields with “thermal water” and “30 bodies of therapeutic and thermal water” throughout Poland.

Several geothermal heating plants are already in operation: in Ba?ska in the south of the country, Pyrzyce and Stargard Szczeci?ski in the northwest, and Mszczonów and Uniejów in central Poland.

Source: Radio Poland