Portugal announces EUR2.4m in funding for work on geothermal heating and mapping

Lisbon, Portugal (source: flickr/ Andrea Mann, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 16 Jul 2018

The Government of Portugal has announced funding of EUR 2.4 million aimed at supporting geothermal district heating networks, as well as exploring and understanding the country's geothermal resources and develop mapping for its National Geothermal Atlas.

As reported in early July, the Government of Portugal has announced a total of EUR 2.1 million ($2.4 million) in funding aimed at supporting geothermal energy projects.

The funding was announced as part of the country’s Innovation Support Fund, that will also operate the funding initiative. It is aimed at increasing the use of geothermal energy in Portugal.

EUR 1.7 million ($2 million) of the amount is aimed for the development and expansion of district heating projects, or the connecting new users to existing networks.

The remaining amount is shared between two initiatives on technical and scientific studies to better explore and understand Portugal’s geothermal resources. EUR 300k will support the assessment of hydrothermal exploration and identifying geothermal resource potential for resources with temperates higher than 25°C. EUR 100k is to be provided to develop geothermal mapping to be integrated in updates to the National Geothermal Atlas of Portugal.

Source: Renewables Now