Presentation: 4 MW Pico Alto Geothermal Power Plant on Terceira Island, Azores

Pico Alto geothermal power plant, Azores/ Portugal (source: Exergy ORC)
Alexander Richter 24 Mar 2018

In a recent presentation on the Pico Alto geothermal power plant, Exergy - the ORC plant technology supplier to the project - shared details on the plant and the role these plants can play for small islands.

In a presentation at a recent conference, Italian ORC provider Exergy shared its view on geothermal energy development on small island based on its project for the Pico Alto geothermal power plant on the Azores, Portugal.

The Pico Alto geothermal plant, is a 4 MW plant using an ORC unit built by Exergy on the Island of Terceira in the Azores, an island group in the North Atlantic, approximately  1,400 kilometers off the coast from Portugal.

In the presentation details on the Pico Alto plant are shared and provide a good idea on the value of a plant like this for the island.



Source: Exergy via Slideshare