Presentations on recent Lithium Recovery Symposium in California

Presentations on recent Lithium Recovery Symposium in California Electric cars at Tesla HQ in Palo Alto, California (source: flickr/ oskay, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 20 Feb 2020

The presentation of the recent California Lithium Recovery Initiative Symposium in Stanford have been shared providing a great insight into lithium recovery from geothermal brine and the opportunities in California.

During the recent symposium by California’s Lithium Recovery Initiative, several interesting presentations were shared highlighting the opportunity for the State of California as it relates to Lithium extraction from geothermal brine.

The presentations can be downloaded here.

Presentations given:

  • Innovation and Support, – Elisabeth de Jong, California Energy Commission
  • Geothermal Research and Development – Dr. Katharina Gerber, California Energy Commission
  • Efforts by the Geothermal Technologies Office (U.S. DOE) in Geothermal energy and Critical Materials, Sean Porse, DOE
  • The California Lithium Supply Chain Opportunity, Alexander Grant, Jade Cove Partners (we reported on that presentation)
  • EnergySource Minerals – company presentation

Note: We have been kindly pointed to the fact that there were more individuals presenting/ speaking at the event than the aforementioned list. The list only represents the presentations made available. The full agenda with all people speaking/ presenting van be found here.

Presentations can be downloaded here.