Prince Harry and his wife Meghan exploring geothermal cooking in Rotorua, New Zealand

Prince Harry & his wife Meghan in Rotorua, New Zealand (source: screenshot/ WirralGlobe)
Alexander Richter 31 Oct 2018

During their current visit to New Zealand, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visited Rotorua in New Zealand and explored food cooked by geothermal steam.

During their visit to New Zealand, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan (Duke & Duchess of Sussex) sampled geothermal steam cooked food today in Rotorua, New Zealand.

With their recent visit to the Pacific region this month, there was a slight hope of ThinkGeoEnergy that geothermal energy would find itself into the program somehow … and yes the New Zealanders deliver.

So we can write about their last day in the country today, where they sampled a pudding cooked by geothermal steam. The couple were shown the geothermal kitchens by Tekariki Mitchel, and his mother Rene Mitchel and were shown the rising steam and a traditional golden steamed pudding that was cooking inside the geothermal oven. They seemed to have loved the cooking with the Hangi (geothermal oven).

Rotorua on New Zealand’s North Island is naturally known for its geothermal features of hot springs, direct use of geothermal energy – like in this case for cooking, and its power plants.

It is not known if the couple had the chance to pass by one of the geothermal power plants.

Maybe we should mention that the royal couple could actually explore geothermal energy in England where in Cornwall a well is providing a local swimming pool with geothermally heated water and a project developing a geothermal power plant.

Source: Wirral Globe