Private development in Kenya, learn more in this free webinar, February 2, 2016

Private development in Kenya, learn more in this free webinar, February 2, 2016 Drilling crew at Menengai, Kenya (source: flickr/ GDC5000)
Alexander Richter 20 Jan 2016

Do you want to learn more about successful private renewable energy development in Kenya? This webinar features interesting private project, among them one of only a handful of private geothermal projects in the country.

A webinar by GreenPower Conferences is featuring an interesting topic, private development of renewable energy projects in Kenya.

The webinar, “Exploring Kenya’s Renewable Energy Opportunities”, will take place Tuesday 2nd February 2016, 2-3pm UK Time, 5-6pm Kenyan Time

Ranked second amongst all African nations for investment in renewables, investments in Kenya totalled $4 Billion US at the end of 2015. Moreover financial support for renewable energy in Kenya is supported by political will, with the government targeting 5gw of Geothermal Power, 3gw of Wind and 500mw of Solar PV to be grid connected by 2030.

In this free to attend webinar, 3 speakers pivotal to Kenya’s renewable energy revolution, will be representing leading projects in Geothermal, Wind and Solar PV.

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Speakers are

Hezy Ram, CEO, Ram Energy – Akiiira Geothermal Limited project 140 MW

The project is being developed in two 70 MW phases with the first phase drilling commenced August 2015. Ram Energy Inc. has been extensively involved in the development process for the past three years primarily responsible for the technical and financial aspects of the project. Ram Energy Inc. expects a fully operation plant and commencement by year-end 2017.

James Wakaba, CEO, Kinanagop Wind Park – 61 MW wind farm in Central Kenya

Kinangop Wind Park is a $150 Million 61 MW wind farm , whose investors are Africa Infrastructure Investment Managers (AIIM) of South Africa and Norwegian private equity from Norfund. The park will use GE turbines and has an agreement with Kenya Power to buy power as per the Feed in Tariffs developed by the Government of Kenya.

Prof. Izael Da Silva, Strathmore University – 600 kW grid connected solar

The 600 kW solar project at Strathmore University is the first ever to sign a PPA for solar generated electricity in Kenya. The 20 year PPA, signed in 2015 will see Kenya Power pay 12.36 Kenyan Shillings per unit of electricity. The project marks a landmark for solar PV in Kenya, and a blueprint for commercial, industrial and utility scale projects to come.

Source: GreenPower Conferences