Project on production of algae from geothermal hotsprings started in Yalova,Turkey

Project on production of algae from geothermal hotsprings started in Yalova,Turkey Spirulina (algae) production (source: flickr/ InOutPeaceProject, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 4 Dec 2017

A new project utilising geothermal hot springs for the production of algae has been officially started operation in Yalova , Turkey.

A new project on the production of spirulina from geothermal hot springs in Turkey, was officially opened in Yalova, Turkey.

The “Water and spirulina (Microalgae) Production from Different Geothermal Waters” project has been sponsored by Yalova University Armutlu Vocational School and supported by General Directorate of Agricultural Researches and Politicals (TAGEM) of Ministry of Food, Agriculture.

Yalova University Instructor Assoc. Dr. Betül Güroy stated that the project was realized with the participation of researchers from Gaziantep University and Izmir Kâtip Çelebi University and with the assistance of Armutlu Municipality, Incirliova Municipality and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in the direction of Yalova University.

In his presentation, Spirulina talked about cultivation conditions, benefits and usage areas. Dr. Güroy stated that spirulinaan (microalgae) is the purpose of this project to produce our country together with geothermal water from natural renewable energy sources and to lower the production cost. Assoc. Dr. Güroy stressed that it would be possible to increase the interest in domestic spirulina production, reduce its widespread distribution and imports, and thus enable geothermal water to be registered as an indigenous and natural food environment for spirulina breeding.

Yalova region has own hot springs and own geothermal hot springs and a geothermal district heating system.

Source: JeotermalHaberler