Proposed geothermal project in Unalaska, Alaska seeking long-term PPA with city

City view of Unalaska, Alaska (source: flickr/ umnak, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 5 Feb 2020

The companies seeking to develop a geothermal power project near Unalaska in Alaska/ U.S. are seeking a 30-year power-purchase-agreement with the city of Unalaska.

We recently reported on the reawakened interest in the development of a geothermal power plant near the City of Unalaska in Alaska, U.S.

Today, it was reported that the private company consortium of Ounalashka Corporation (OC)/ Chena Power is seeking for a 30-year power purchase agreement with the city for the project planned at the Makushin Volcano by the end of the month.

A special meeting was held with the City Council to hear an update on the proposed project. As described, the project would be located on the flank of the Makushin Volcano across the bay from Unalaska with an electric cable through the sea bringing electricity to the city.

With the geothermal plant, the city could reduce fuel consumption of the primarily diesel-fuelled power generation for the city and its businesses, including a fish processing plant.

Discussions now circle around potential risks, price and duration of the agreement … and if the local private seafood processing companies could be won to purchase power from the plant, as they currently produce their own power.

Location of Unalaska and Makushin Volcano, the site of the planned geothermal power plant.

Source: KUCB