Recording – IRENA Webinar on integration of low-temp energy sources into district energy networks

Recording – IRENA Webinar on integration of low-temp energy sources into district energy networks Iceland geothermal district heating networks - May 2020 (source: Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster)
Alexander Richter 5 Jun 2020

As part of an IRENA webinar on the integration of low-temperature energy resources, a presentation shared an overview over geothermal district heating in Iceland.

In the framework of the “Energy Solutions for Cities of the Future” project, and under the umbrella of the Global Geothermal Alliance, IRENA organised a series of three webinars to increase the knowledge of local and national policy-makers, and other key stakeholders on the available options and tools to facilitate fuel switch to renewable energy in district heating and cooling networks in cities.

The webinars were organised in partnership with Aalborg University and build on the on-going work to develop a guidebook titled, Enabling the Integration of Low-Temperature Renewable Energy Sources in District Heating and Cooling Networks’, which will feature case-study presentations from different parts of the world.

The first and the second webinars took place of 20 April and 14 May 2020 respectively.

The third webinar on May 26, 2020 presented the available options for overcoming the technical challenges associated with the integration of low-grade heat into district heating and cooling networks, both at the network level and the building level. It also featured a case study presentation on district cooling.


  • Technical challenges and solutions for the integration of low-grade heat sources into existing networks and buildings – Brian Vad Mathiesen & Jakob Zinck Thellufsen, Aalborg University
  • Integration of renewable energy for thermal use in cities – technology, project development and case studies – Yong Chen, IRENA (50:00)
  • Overview – Geothermal District Heating Iceland – Alexander Richter, Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster (1:23:00)
  • The role of District Cooling in Accelerating Decarbonization – Olivier Racle, Engie (1:49:00)

Webinar 3: Integration of low-temperature energy sources into existing district energy networks and buildings – overcoming technical challenges

Disclaimer: The author is the presenter of the presentation on Iceland’s geothermal district heating background for the Iceland Renewable Energy Cluster.