Regional Interconnection seen as crucial for Peru

Lima, Peru (Source: Flickr, CC, By: M M)
Francisco Rojas 24 Jul 2015

By 2040 it is estimated that renewables will provide at least 20% of the country's energy, and in 2030, around 2/3 of all new energy investment will be allocated to renewable power.

Peru has been trying to make the country the next big energy hub in the region. The country has plentiful renewable energy sources that remain untapped such as an estimated 70,000 MW in Hydro or 3,000 MW of geothermal.

According to local news, the former Minister of Energy and Mines of Peru, Eleodoro Mayorga, said that the country is expected to be “a hub of energy production in the region” and therefore urges the government to invest in renewable energy technology.

“In the next 10 years will need to double investment in energy infrastructure,” he said during a virtual conference that looked at global energy trends in Peru for the medium and long term.

Also, former deputy energy minister Pedro Gamio, said Peru must develop electrical interconnections with other neighbouring countries based on renewable energies.

“Peru should be part of an energy hub with Colombia to export energy in the region. The Peruvian renewable energy resource potential is enormous, but we are not making much use of it,” he said.

Currently, Peru’s renewables account for just 3.53% of the total electricity production; however, it is estimated that by 2040, they should provide at least 20%, and in 2030, 2/3 of all new energy investment will be allocated to renewable energies.

Source: RPP