Regional trade unions ask for increased investment into geothermal in Tuscany, Italy

Regional trade unions ask for increased investment into geothermal in Tuscany, Italy Carboli Geothermal Power Plant Tuscany, Italy (Source: Enel Green Power Media Library)
Alexander Richter 31 Oct 2020

Pointing to the great role of geothermal in providing electricity and heat in the region of Tusany, Italy, local trade unions unanimously ask for further investment into geothermal development and utilization in the region.

This week, Greenreport from Italy, reports that local trade unions in Tuscany, Italy unanimously ask for an increase of investment into geothermal development in the region.

“Geothermal energy currently covers about 30% of the energy consumed in the Region: it is necessary to increase this share, increasing the cultivation of low and, above all, medium and high enthalpy basins”. This is one of the main steps contained in the joint position drawn up by the CGIL-CISL-UIL regional trade unions to take stock of sustainable development issues to be pursued during the new legislature that has just opened with the arrival of Eugenio Giani at the helm of the Tuscan council.

The document, which the regional agency for the environmental protection of Tuscany (Arpat) gives full account, points to that “Tuscany must significantly increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources”. A context in which geothermal energy plays a leading role, starting with the electricity sector.

To date, geothermal energy is able to cover about 30% of the Tuscan electricity demand – thus satisfying the demand of 1,120,000 people -, while helping to make central Italy, the region with the lowest footprint. carbon dioxide of the country.

Direct uses are added to the contribution in terms of electricity: this means guaranteeing useful heat to heat over 10 thousand residential users as well as companies in geothermal territories, together with about 30 hectares of greenhouses and dairies, as shown by the good practices reported by Legambiente in the area. and pertaining to the Community of renewable energy food (Ccer).

As evidence of the large role that geothermal energy can guarantee for the ecological transition of Tuscany, even beyond electricity production alone, also from Legambiente highlight that the only 100% renewable municipalities – looking at both the electrical and thermal needs met by Fer [government regulation pertaining to renewable energy] – there are 6 Tuscan geothermal municipalities throughout central and southern Italy.

Despite the pre-eminent role played by geothermal energy in Tuscany, no renewable source alone can be sufficient to manage the energy transition phase we are experiencing. From geothermal technology we can obtain  stable baseload energy  without CO2 emissions from combustion, through systems capable of ensuring 24/7 functionality regardless of weather conditions, but it is neither possible nor desirable to ignore a mix with other renewable sources. available on the territory.

“Even if geothermal energy plays a fundamental role in covering regional energy needs, we must invest in an important way – underline the trade unions – also in the growth of other renewables such as solar, wind and hydroelectric. In Tuscany we have both the skills and the economic resources necessary to make the leap in quality, not only at the environmental level, but also in the “good” employment that the entire renewable sector can guarantee.”