RENAG – National Geothermal Meeting, Colombia – 25-28 Nov. 2019

RENAG – National Geothermal Meeting, Colombia – 25-28 Nov. 2019 City view, Medellín, Colombia (source: flickr/ *Iván Erre Jota*, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 5 Jun 2019

The Colombian Geothermal Association (AGEOCOL) is holding its 4th National Geothermal Conference - RENAG - 25-28 November 2019 in Medellín, Colombia.

AGEOCOL – Colombian Geothermal Association and UdeM – Universidad de Medellin invite you to the fourth edition of the Colombian Geothermal Annual Meeting (RENAG 2019) to be hosted in Medellin, Colombia, next November 25 to 29, under the slogan “Research and Development to Action”.

RENAG is a conference established by AGEOCOL to strengthen knowledge and to promote the development of geothermal energy in Colombia.

Conference Topics

Geothermal Power and Electricity Production

  • Colombian context.
  • Colombian legal and regulatory framework. Advancements.
  • Challenges for technical and financial feasibility of geothermal
    projects in Colombia.
  • Successful geothermal projects around the world. What could
    Colombia learn from these experiences to make it even better?

Exploration and Research

  • New methodologies and techniques.
  • Software.
  • Geothermal projects carrying out exploration and research.

Shallow Geothermal Energy and Direct Uses 

  • Shallow geothermal energy utilization for energy efficiency.
  • Current status of geothermal direct uses in Colombia.
  • Technical and financial feasibility of shallow geothermal energy
  • Successful geothermal projects around the world.

Environment and Society

  • Importance of environment and citizen participation as
    transversal components for the deployment of geothermal
    projects in Colombia.
  • What is the social perception of geothermal energy in
  • How to influence politics to benefit geothermal development.
  • Socializing and improving perception of geothermal energy.
  • Social and environmental impacts of geothermal projects.

Worktable Topics

Worktables are conceived as a space for experience exchange related to geothermal energy in Colombia. Any attendee of RENAG 2019 is welcome to participate!

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract length must not exceed 500 words. Please name the file as follow: NameMainAuthor_TOPICS.docx The file must be emailed in Word format to Email subject: NameMainAuthor_Title Deadline: August 16, 2019.

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