Report: Geothermal Energy Utilisation Potential in Croatia

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Alexander Richter 26 Apr 2018

A report has been released providing an overview on the geothermal energy utilisation potential in Croatia. The report was sponsored by the donor states of the EEA Grants and Croatia under an international partnership program.

As part of bilateral relations at a national level between the Donor States of the EEA Grants and Croatia, a report has been released providing an overview on the geothermal energy utilisation potential in Croatia.

The project was ongoing from April 2016 to June 2017 and it was meant to promote the development of cooperation in geothermal energy between Iceland and Croatia. The national focal point was the Croatian Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds.

The Beneficiary/Applicant was the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) and the person managing the project on the behalf of the EIHP was Danica Maljkovi? with her team.

The Project Partner was the Icelandic National Energy Authority, and the person managing the project was Jón Ragnar Guðmundsson. Geothermal resources and district heating experts were J. Rúnar Magnússon, from EFLA Consulting Engineers, and his team.

The Project Objectives

This project aim was to recognize and promote early stage development, strategy planning, capacity building, networking and awareness of geothermal utilisation to ensure increased possibility of geothermal utilisation for heating, energy security and quality of life in Croatia. It is meant to strengthen the cooperation with the partners and share opportunities to transfer knowledge on geothermal energy harnessing and prepare for a geothermal energy pilot project in Croatia.

The Project Tasks

In order to obtain the project objectives, the following tasks were established: a. Study visit to Iceland of representatives of the Croatian party b. Study visit to Croatia of representatives of the Icelandic party c. Field and study visits’ report d. Final Conference and round table

Project Outcome

The report provides resource assessments for various regions and overall recommendations for utilisation of geothermal resources in Croatia and additional framework recommendations.

The report looks into geothermal energy and its resources in Croatia, information on district heating in promising locations and feasibility studies for geothermal district heating of selected locations. It ends with an overview on the legal framework for geothermal utilisation in Croatia.

Source: EIHP (pdf)