Research: drilling through hard rock with rocket technology

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Francisco Rojas 26 Jun 2015

HyperSciences CEO Mark Russell wants to apply rocket science to make a better drill and tap geothermal energy at a new depths.

Can rocket science be used to advance geothermal development? Mark Russell is HyperSciences’ founder and his product is a “high-velocity projectile that Russell hopes will one day help access geothermal energy” according to the Inlander Newspaper. The idea behind this projectile is to make possible to drill deeper and make geothermal a more accessible energy.

The local newspaper covers the professional career of Mr Russell and how he funded HyperSciences Inc thanks to the Shell’s GameChanger programme.

Mr Russell comes from a lineage of miners and always wanted to innovate in the field of drilling, in this case using a ram accelerator. According to his patent, “One or more ram accelerator devices may be used to form one or more holes in geologic or other material. These holes may be used for drilling, tunnel boring, excavation, and so forth. The ram accelerator devices propel projectiles which are accelerated by combustion of one or more combustible gasses in a ram effect to reach velocities exceeding 500 meters per second.”

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Source: Inlander and the US Patent Office