Several job openings Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR) in Iceland

Several job openings Iceland GeoSurvey (ISOR) in Iceland Geothermal well testing in Iceland. (source: Jón Ragnarsson, ÍSOR)
Alexander Richter 12 Oct 2015

Iceland GeoSurvey advertises several job openings, for physicist, geophysicist, geologist, a specialist in GIS, and engineers for its office in Iceland.

Due to increased activities in both geothermal and earth science research in Iceland and abroad Iceland GeoSurvey is seeking specialists to join our team. For further information please click the links below.

A specialist in geographical information systems

Deadline for all applications is November 3rd 2015.

Please send applications along with a CV to Ms. Valgerður Gunnarsdóttir in the department of Support Services, email:

Iceland GeoSurvey is an independent institute under the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources. It is one of the largest and mostexperienced companies in the world in the field of geoscientific services to the geothermal industry. Iceland GeoSurvey and its predecessors have for 70 years been among the leaders in the development of the techniques that have put  Iceland in the forefront of countries that use geothermal energy and provided Icelanders with much cheaper energy than would have been possible from other sources.

The employees are 75. The headquarters are located at Grensásvegur 9 in Reykjavík, and there is a branch in Akureyri. Besides that Iceland GeoSurvey runs a company in Chile (GeoThermHydro) in cooperation with an Icelandic Engineering firm.

Source and details about the job opportunities with ISOR here