Several lease sales for Utah, Nevada and California via GEA

Ormat's Desert Peak 2 geothermal power plant, Nevada (source: Ormat Technologies)
Francisco Rojas 3 Jul 2014

GEA has posted today a series of Geothermal Lease Sales for California, Utah and Nevada. For more details, please follow the links provided.

As released in the GEA website:

Nominations Open, Geothermal Lease Sale, Utah BLM (due July 7)
The BLM, Utah State Office is now accepting nominations for a Geothermal Lease Sale tentatively scheduled for May 19, 2015. Nominations must be submitted to the Utah State Office by 4:30 pm on July 7, 2014, to be considered. Please see the Geothermal Lease Website for further details:

Geothermal Lease Sale, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada (Sept. 10)
A geothermal lease sale will be held at Nevada’s state office on Sept. 10. Please see For more information regarding the location of the sale and building access, please contact Natalie Aue at 775-861-6684. For information regarding leasing these parcels, please contact Donna Kauffman, BLM Oregon/Washington State Office, at 503-808-6162. For information regarding operations and stipulations, please contact Tom Wawro, BLM Oregon/Washington State Office, at 503-808-6492.

Geothermal Lease Sale Announced, California BLM (Sept. 11)
A competitive geothermal lease sale has been proposed for September 11, 2014, to be held in the BLM California State Office in Sacramento, CA. On the day of bidding, a properly completed bid form (Form 3000-2) must be submitted with payment. This form can be found at Contact Laurie Moore, BLM California State Office, at (916) 978-4377.

Source: GeoEnergy Wire – GEA Website