Some note on the U.S. National Geothermal Data System Project

Snapshot of U.S. National Geothermal Data System website.
Alexander Richter 2 Jun 2011

This is an interesting news piece on the work on the U.S. National Geothermal Data System, a DOE funded project to digitize geological data into the system that is supposed to make data for development more accessible.

Came across this piece today about the work on the U.S. National Geothermal Data System. The note describes that the “work plans for Year 2 of the State Geothermal Data project are in progress.

It talks about a meeting in Salt Lake City for a meeting at the Utah Geological Survey with the State Geothermal Data project’s Science Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is reviewing progress of each of the state geological surveys as the group is completing the first year of the US DOE-funded project to digitize geologic data for inclusion in the National Geothermal Data System.

AZGS is the prime contractor on the 3-year, $22 million project, on behalf of the Association of American State Geologists. We have 45 state surveys as subcontractors, delivering data from all 50 states.

The SAB is giving recommendations on work plans for Year 2 of the project. As of the end of March, 32 states have submitted at least some of their data sets for review and testing before they are served online in the distributed data network. This first year included getting the contracts in place, hiring staff, and training participants. It is now being moved into full production nationwide. In the next few months the amounts of data should be ramping up dramatically.

The network catalog and visualization tools will be rolling out in the near future so that users will be able to easily discover and access the data and services (“apps”).

Definitely interesting and something that we so desperately would need in Canada.

Source: Arizona Geology