Sorik Marapi 50 MW unit 3 in commissioning phase

Sorik Marapi 50 MW unit 3 in commissioning phase Sorik Marapi project site, Indonesia (source: KS Orka)
Alexander Richter 1 Aug 2022

KS Orka has confirmed it started commissioning work on a third unit with 50 MW of the Sorik Marapi geothermal plant in Indonesia with expected COD in September 2022.

Local news reported today that the geothermal power plant (PLTP) PT Sorik Marapi Geothermal Power (PT SMGP) located in Sibanggor Tonga Village, Puncak Sorik Marapi District has carried out commissioning trial for electric current of 50 MW through the Distribution Unit and Sumatra Load Control Center (PB3S) PT PLN (Persero) for 72 hours of connection.

And based on the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation (Permen) Number 17 of 2014 concerning the Purchase of Electricity from PLTP and Geothermal Steam for PT PLN (Persero). PT PLN is required to purchase electricity from Geothermal Power Generation Companies including electricity from PT SMGP. However, before making a purchase, PT PLN and PT SMGP must first conduct a feasibility test and commissioning test for electric current.

In a statement to journalist PT SMGP/KSORKA Corporate Communication Affairs Yani Siskartika confirmed that the commissioning phase has started in July 2022 conducted by PT SMGP to PT PLN (Persero).

“Commissioning Unit 3 consists of several expanders/turbines with a total plan of 50 MW. And the test period will end after COD is declared, which is estimated to end in September 2022,” she explained.

Source: TopMetro