Steam Gathering system for Menengai IPP project projects handed over to GDC

Steam Gathering system for Menengai IPP project projects handed over to GDC General Manager GRD, Cornel Ofwona and Regional Manager Central Rift, Paul Ngugi signing the completion certificate. Witnessing the signing were the two CEO’s Eng. Jared O. Othieno and Eng. Joseph Schwartzman. The second photo, GDC Managing Director Eng. Othieno handing over the certificate to the Chairman and CEO H-Young, Eng. Schwartzman. The last photo is the MD & CEO Eng. Othieno testing the Steam Gathering System Control screen inside the Control Room
Alexander Richter 5 Jan 2021

The steam gathering system for the Menengai geothermal development by GDC in Kenya, has been officially handed over in a ceremony before the holidays by H-Young East Africa.

H-Young East Africa (E.A.) Limited on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 officially handed over the Steam Gathering System (SGS) to Geothermal Development Company (GDC) following a six-year stint that has culminated in the successful completion of the system.

Speaking while receiving the official certification to symbolize the commissioning of the project, GDC MD & CEO Eng. Jared O. Othieno expressed his delight at the milestone, thanking the project contractors for a job well done while also appreciating the GDC team that oversaw the implementation of the project for their contribution that led to eventual success of the project.

“This is a great day for GDC. We are indeed excited to be officially commissioning the SGS project from H-Young Limited after years of hard work and determination. It is also an opportunity to showcase the expertise within GDC and Kenya as a whole since this was a project where the engineering designs, the procurement of parts, was done here locally culminating in such a magnificent infrastructure of international repute,” quipped Eng. Othieno.

He added that this was a good opportunity for GDC to move into the next phase of power production from Menengai, calling on IPPs to take advantage of the progress made thus far.

“We can now incentivize the IPPs to move with speed now that all the infrastructural works are ready for them to come and begin power generation,” said Eng. Othieno.

The MD also lauded H-Young’s move to maintain the original costing for the project despite the extended period of completion due to various challenges.

He said: “My biggest excitement is that even with the magnitude of this project coupled with the challenges that we had, there was not a single cent on variation in cost. This is a great story for all other contractors that may do business with GDC, that we must become partners who can go through in a journey without having any variations in cost which may eventually impact the end-user who are Kenyans at large.”

H-Young Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Eng. Joseph Schwartzman expressed his satisfaction at the completion of the project citing some relief at successfully completing such a massive project.

“The Journey has been challenging as this was our first project outside of Olkaria which we call a green field. I feel proud and unity of purpose between GDC and H-Young as we add another critical asset to the important assets of the Republic of Kenya. We are indeed excited to commission a fully functioning project with great engineering designs,” said Eng. Schwartzman.

Mr. Cornel Ofwona GDC General Manager – GRD, who also doubled up as the Project Manager for the SGS Menengai phase I, expressed his delight at the culmination of the project, taking great pride in the effort of the GDC team and the collaboration with the H-Young team towards the success of the project.

“This is a very exciting moment to witness the culmination of a six-year journey of hard work in this dry and rough Menengai terrain that has birthed this SGS system. I’m indeed elated seeing the contractor hand over this project to GDC after successful completion of the SGS system,” said Mr. Cornel Ofwona.

The commissioning of the SGS system marks a crucial phase in the power generation quest from the Menengai project, with GDC having contracted three IPPs for the development of 105 MW from the Menengai Phase I project.

Source: GDC