Successful rollout of Westland geothermal heat system, Netherlands

Successful rollout of Westland geothermal heat system, Netherlands Ceremony on start of drilling at Trias geothermal project (source: Trias Westland)
Carlo Cariaga 14 Oct 2021

The connection of Trias Westland to the regional heating network is an inspiring story of successful collaboration between the partners and the horticultural entrepreneurs of the Trias Westland initiative.

The opening of the Trias Westland geothermal heat system in the Netherlands was formally confirmed in an event on October 13, 2021. This will serve as a springboard to the Westland Heats System and will have a planned connection to Warmtelinq in Leiden.

We had previously reported on the drilling of the second well in Trias Westland, as well as the operation of the second geothermal doublet for horticultural heating.

The Trias Westland geothermal heat system has a production capacity of more than 40 MWth. It is the product of cooperation between participating greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs and initiators, financiers, and other partners.

“The regional heat network and thus the linking of local heat projects makes a robust and future-proof heat supply in the Westland possible.” said Jan-Kees Goet, secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. “Especially in this time with all the developments in the energy market, this is a good example of progressive climate policy in which different parties and sectors, such as greenhouse horticulture, take the initiative, find each other, strengthen and collaborate. We have contributed to this by awarding the subsidy.”

Trias Westland is an initiative of HVC, Capturam, Royal FloraHolland and a large group of greenhouse horticultural entrepreneurs. These partners attach great importance to sustainability and see geothermal energy as an important alternative to natural gas.

Source: Trias Westland