Support sought for initiatives by Women in Geothermal (WING)

Support sought for initiatives by Women in Geothermal (WING) WING Sponsorship call 2021
Alexander Richter 8 Mar 2021

Women in Geothermal (WING) has launched a fundraising campaign seeking support for its initiatives in the U.S. and globally.

Women in Geothermal (WING), whose mission is to promote the education, professional development and advancement of women in the geothermal community is seeking support. The WING Global Team has reached out to us in to help in a quest for support.

Women in Geothermal (WING), founded in 2013, has played an important role for women in the geothermal sector and the funding sought will help support WING activities.

What has WING achieved so far?

Founded in 2013, WING has grown to be the largest geothermal organization in the world almost 2,000 members from 48 countries – and the only one focused on gender equality. With an aggressive strategic plan to increase the percentage of females in senior positions, WING launched its first Future Leaders Cohort in mid-2020. This group of 17 smart, ambitious, midcareer women are receiving the practical training needed to advance into leadership and governance roles. WING’s outreach has increased the number of women who serve on the Boards of geothermal organizations and present technical papers at geothermal conferences. Advocacy and support from WING leadership, WING members and WING sponsors has enabled significant progress, but we are determined to achieve more.

Recognizing the critical role of men in achieving gender equality for women, WING has developed a training program to facilitate cultural change: the WINGman Special Taskforce, which is being deployed in companies and organizations around the world. A related WING initiative is accelerating the adoption of anti-harassment policies in public and private geothermal organizations, providing the legal framework to keep women safe and protected in their work environments.

To highlight progress toward gender equality in the geothermal sector, the annual Global WING Awards were initiated in 2017. We are thrilled each year when nominations come in for women and men who exemplify our four core values: to be Caring, Open, Empowering and Courageous. The winners come from different countries and backgrounds but share a common bond: a dedication to making the geothermal workplace more equal and diverse, a bond that WING upholds by seeking gender equality in its own membership.

What would WING do with sponsor funds?

WING is an agile, lean, non-profit organization with a strong culture of spending its funds wisely. Sponsors and volunteers play a crucial role in supporting our operations and initiatives, enabling WING to maintain visibility across the geothermal world and deliver targeted events that benefit women and men in the geothermal community.

More specifically, your contributions to WING allow us to:

  • develop and implement initiatives to advance gender equality (including the WINGman Special Task Force);
  • be present and hold professional and social events at major geothermal conferences;
  • if their own organizations cannot provide funding, provide travel support for WING Global Team representatives to attend major geothermal conferences and events;
  • pay geothermal conference registration fees for students who are becoming part of the geothermal community
  • support web hosting, software purchases, WING pins and other branded giveaways
  • hold our annual 2-day strategic planning workshop, during which we discuss and refine existing initiatives and plan new ones; and
  • manage the modest administrative, fiscal and legal aspects of our organization.

Could you help sponsor our activities through a donation, small or large?

If so, please visit the Sponsor page on the WING website to review the various options, and/or send an email to the WING Global Chair Ann Robertson-Tait or to the WING Global Executive Kelly Blake.

Regardless of the size of your donation, you and/or your organization will be acknowledged on WING’s website, WING’s Facebook page and WING’s LinkedIn page.

Your sponsorship is a charitable contribution that is tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Because the US WING team is currently serving as the WING Global Chair, funds will be directed to WING USA, a 501(c)(3) US non-profit corporation, Tax ID number 83-0983532.

WING appreciates your consideration of our request – please do not hesitate to reach out to WING with any questions.