Swiss project at Lavey-les-Bains might start again

Thermal Spa and Bath at Lavey-les-Bains, Vaud, Switzerland (source: flickr/ Kraken_Boy, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 24 Nov 2014

The Lavey-les-Bains geothermal project in Switzerland might be resumed shortly following a $5.2 million investment by Holdigaz.

Local news in Switzerland state that the Lavey-les-Bains geothermal project might be resumed shortly.

Due to a new investment of CHF 5 million ($5.2 million) investment by Holdigaz, the geothermal project at Lavey-les-Bains might start again. A seismic study will though be crucial before it will continued and it is expected to find water at a temperature of 100 degrees at a depth of 3,000 meters, enough to produce the necessary energy to power 1,600 households.

Source: RSI