Taiwan establishes Cooperation Platform for geothermal skills and information

Taiwan establishes Cooperation Platform for geothermal skills and information Yangmingshan National Park, near Taipei, Taiwan (source: flickr/ Ken Marshall, creative commons)
Carlo Cariaga 28 Sep 2022

Twelve colleges and universities in Taiwan have agreed on a platform to integrate geothermal-related skills and information to accelerate geothermal exploration in the country.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan has invited 12 domestic colleges and universities to sign a memorandum of cooperation to establish a “Geothermal Exploration University – Research Cooperation Platform.” This initiative aims to integrate geothermal-related skills, technologies, and exploration information to accelerate the discovery of geothermal resources in Taiwan.

The Ministry expects that there will be 8 geothermal exploration sites next year, 5 of which will be newly added. The Ministry will cooperate with academia to conduct preliminary investigations of these sites and relevant information will be made publicly available. This will hopefully increase the interest in developing these sites from both domestic and foreign developers.

According to Wang Yongxuan of the Geological Survey Institute, the 8 exploration sites will include the 3 existing sites – (Datunshan, Ruisui, and Taitung Hongye) and 5 new sites (Wulu, Lushan, Guanziling, Baoding).

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has set a target of 20 MW of geothermal power generation capacity by 2025. Deputy Minister Zeng Wensheng is confident that this target can be reached considering that the projects currently under development already exceed the target.

The country’s current geothermal power capacity is 4.2 MW from the Qingshui geothermal power plant in Yilan that was officially inaugurated in November 2021. Drilling is also underway for the 1-MW geothermal power plant at Hongye in Taitung.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs