Tanzania acquires drilling rig for geothermal exploration

Tanzania acquires drilling rig for geothermal exploration Self-discharging well at Kiejo-Mbaka Geothermal Prospect, Mbeya, Tanzania (source: Chagaka Kalimbia)
Alexander Richter 3 Nov 2021

Tanzania Geothermal Development Company acquires drilling rig for geothermal exploration at Ngozi and additional planned development sites.

Reported by Chinese media, state-owned Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) signed a contract with a Chinese company to provide facilities and services to help Tanzania develop its geothermal resources.

Under the contract, TGDC will purchase a multi-functional drilling rig with accessories and training services from Shandong Kerui Petroleum and Gas Equipment Co Ltd. The contract, valued at around $6 million, will enable TGDC to drill three geothermal exploration wells, with depth between 1,500 and 2,000 meters. It will mark a milestone in the development of Tanzania’s geothermal resources.

TGDC, a subsidiary of state-owned Tanzania Electric Supply Company, is exploring several geothermal sites for potential development. The planned drilling site is Ngozi in West Tanzania’s Mbeya region.

According to Kato Kabaka, general manager of TGDC, Tanzania’s government has already invested more than 20 billion Tanzanian shillings ($8.7 million) in the development project for a geothermal power plant at Ngozi. The country plans to develop seven geothermal projects between this year and 2025.

As an integrated solution and service provider specialized in oilfield stimulation and new energy development, Kerui has actively participated in the Belt and Road Initiative. Its business is involved in around 60 countries and regions.

Source: China Daily