Tanzania earmarks initial geothermal development at Ngozi and Songwe

Tanzania earmarks initial geothermal development at Ngozi and Songwe Near Ngozi, Tanzania (source: Geothermal Power Tanzania Ltd.)
Alexander Richter 6 Apr 2017

Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) has earmarked the drilling of three exploratory wells for geothermal development in Ngozi and Songwe, Tanzania.

Presenting the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC), Shakilu Idrissa, Principal Energy Officer described geothermal energy as [Tanzania]’s “richest affordable and environmentally sustainable energy source.”

The Tanzanian government decided to go a similar road than its neighbour Kenya and founded TGDC to drive geothermal development by taking the up-front risk in drilling and resource exploration.

At a recent forum on France-Tanzania business relations in Dar es Salaam, it was reported that TGDC ” has already earmarked three exploratory wells in Ngozi and Songwe and that it expects to spend about $8 million on the job, to be sourced from within government and other funders.

TDGC also plans to source over $1.5m for initial exploratory work in phosphate-rich Lake Natron in Arusha Region, where it is believed geothermal potential is also immense.”

Stating a geothermal potential of 5,000 MW, which is described by many experts as excessively optimistic, the geothermal potential of the country is extensive and geothermal energy could play a great role in fueling a growing energy demand in the country.

Source: Azania Post