Tanzanian Government allocates $8.7m for geothermal project at Ngozi

Lake Ngozi, Mbeya, Tanzania (source: flickr/ Sara&Joachim, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 8 Jan 2019

The Tanzanian Government has allocated $8.7 million to start on the Lake Ngozi geothermal project in Mbeya region, the first geothermal project of the country.

As reported this morning from Tanzania, the Government of Tanzania has allocated 20 billion Tanzanian Shillings (around USD 8.7 million) in the fiscal year of 2018/ 2019 for geothermal development.

Beatus Segeja, board chairman of the Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) revealed this during a visit to Lake Ngozi, Mbeya Region, one of the geothermal prospect areas in the country.

The company is currently preparing the site for drilling work, as we reported earlier.

TGDC is a 100% government owned subsidiary company of Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) that was founded on a similar model set up by Kenya, to push geothermal development.

The company aims to drill four wells for this geothermal power project, one of them to be used for testing. The resource temperature is estimated at around 230 centigrades.

An environmental assessment has been conducted and received approval from the government.

Tanzania aims to produce up to 250 MW in power from geothermal energy resources in the country. The country has 50 areas that could have potential for geothermal development.

Source: IPP Media