Tender: pre-qualifaction drillling tools, services & related, Akiira Geothermal, Kenya

Tender: pre-qualifaction drillling tools, services & related, Akiira Geothermal, Kenya Drilling rig at Akiira (Courtesy of MunichRE)
Alexander Richter 21 Mar 2016

In a pre-qualification notice, Akiira Geothermal is seeking suppliers of drilling tools, services, accessories & consumables for its project in Naivasha, Kenya.

In a pre-qualification notice, Akiira Geothermal Ltd (AGL) – a private power development company in Akiira ranch of Naivasha Sub County, Nakuru County, Kenya – is seeking suppliers of drilling tools, services, accessories & consumables.

The first development phase of this project consists of drilling 8 – 12 geothermal wells and subsequent construction of a 70MW power plant.The geothermal wells will constitute both standard and/or large-hole wellb-ores, to drilling depths of between 3,000m (9,900ft) to 3,500m (11,500ft) with vertical and/or directional orientation.


Tools, Services, Consumables and Accessories to be provided, shall include but will not be limited to the following;

  • Lot A : Directional Drilling Tools and Services – 95/8”,8” & 63/4” Mud motors, MWD, UBHOs
  • Lot B : Drilling Fluids and Chemicals – Drilling Bentonite (Wyoming), Starch & LCM
  • Lot C : Cementing Services, Equipment & Products (Cement & Additives)
  • Lot D : Drilling Tools – 91/2”, 8” & 61/2” Shock Tools, Drilling Jars, Float Subs – 26”, 171/2,”, 121/4”, 81/2” Stabilizers &Reamers
  • Lot E : Drill Bits: PDC &TriCone directional bits • PDC hybrid bits (sizes 121/4”, 81/2”) with 5/6/7/8 blade diamond impregnated cutters (deep leached or comparable technology) • TriCone bits (sizes 26”, 171/2,”, 121/4”, 81/2”) NOTE: For 81/2” bit size, IADC 537, 617, 627, 637 with hard-facing & directional features
  • Lot F : Tubular Inspection & Repair services
  • Lot G : Casing and Accessories: 20”, 133/8”, 95/8”casing and 7”-slotted casing
  • Lot H : Well Head Equipment & Accessories: Class 600/900 master valves & flanges/valves.
  • Lot J : Fishing Tools & Services Lot K : Welding Services Lot L : Logistics & Clearing/Forwarding Services


  1. All responses must be in English
  2. Submit HSSE&Q Policy,relevant manufacturer conformance and/or API compliance certificates and MSDS information for fluids/chemicals/additives.
  3. Clearly indicate lots for submission (as per 2.0), partial lots will be deemed unresponsive. Additional tools/technologies can be included within relevant lots as value-add.
  4. Preference will be given for bidders with tools, equipment, personnel and materials in- country or within E. Africa. v. Include relevant geothermal eld experience and referrals, preference for activitiesin the Great Rift Valley. vi. Only prequalified bidders will receive detailed tender documentation on successful short- list.


Suitable qualified companies interested in being considered should submit required information to [email protected] on or before 30th March 2016 (17.00 hrs EAT – East Africa Time).

Source: Akiira Geothermal tender notice (pdf)