TGDC provides updates on Ngozi geothermal project

TGDC provides updates on Ngozi geothermal project Near Ngozi, Tanzania (source: Geothermal Power Tanzania Ltd.)
Carlo Cariaga 2 Dec 2022

Having completed the surface studies, TGDC is set to start drilling at the Ngozi geothermal project, Tanzania.

In a video interview posted by Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC), the Chairperson of the Board of Directors Prof Shubi Kaijage provided a few updates on the status of the Ngozi geothermal project in the Mbeya region.

TGDC aims to develop up 70 MW of geothermal power generation capacity upon completion of the project. However, only 30 MW will be developed during the initial phase. The project will cost approximately USD 144 million.

Detailed surface exploration for the project has already been finished, and TGDC will now proceed to drilling. TGDC is currently awaiting equipment that has been procured from China to proceed to the next phase. Experts from TGDC are currently in China for training on how to operate the procured equipment.

About a month ago, TGDC published a tender for drilling and well testing services for three slim hole wells for the Ngozi geothermal project. It is yet unclear whether the project updates provided by Prof Kaijage pertain to the results of this tender.

Source: TGDC via Twitter