The new design for ThinkGeoEnergy & PiensaGeotermia’s weekly newsletter

The new ThinkGeoEnergy Newsletter & Web 2016
Alexander Richter 8 Feb 2016

ThinkGeoEnergy and PiensaGeotermia's weekly geothermal newsletters to be sent out tomorrow will feature a new and responsive design. This will make the newsletter more readable and accessible.

In June 2010, ThinkGeoEnergy sent its first newsletter out to subscribers.  With a new website design being finalized for ThinkGeoEnergy and PiensaGeotermia, our Spanish language-service. at the moment we thought it was time to tweak the design of our newsletter as well.

Since 2010, we have sent the ThinkGeoEnergy newsletter out 373 times and have increased subscribers on a constant basis to now 2,353 subscribers.

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Our PiensaGeotermia newsletter started in September 2013 and has been sent out 119 times, with now 1,414 subscribers.

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The new look provides a responsive design that renders the newsletter for better usability on phones, tablets and view on the computer.

We would like to thank our advertisement partners: Exergy, Turboden, Hades.