The Run to bring Chiles first geothermal plant online

Tatio Geyser near San Pedro, Chile (source: flickr/ palegoldenrod, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 12 Mar 2012

Enel Green Power, GeoGlobal Energy, Energy Andean and Magma Energy are the four companies to compete for the first geothermal power plant in Chile.

In an upcoming series, I have been able to win Abraham Ormad to source geothermal news from the Spanish speaking world. ThinkGeoEnergy is currently exploring the possibility of providing a Spanish geothermal news service additional to its currently English only news from the geothermal world.

Enel Green Power, GeoGlobal Energy, Energy Andean and Magma Energy are the four companies to compete for the first geothermal power plant in Chile.

The project Cerro Pampa Hall-Barrow, the North Geothermal Company, a subsidiary of Enel Green Power, is considered by many to be the safer candidate to become the first plant using this technology in the country. Meets his exploration stage completed, indicating the feasibility of constructing a kind of 50 MW, would entail an investment of U.S. $ 180 million. He is currently awaiting the resolution of environmental qualification (RCA).

But it is not the only one that moves in this race. The New Zealand Energy GeoGlobal Chile works for your project Curacautín become the first plant. According to general manager Rüdiger Trenkle, the geothermal plant would have a capacity of 70 MW, which will be supplied to the Central Interconnected System (SIC). “The total cost of investment in the plant would amount about $350 million,” he says.

Meanwhile, Andean Energy-controlled by Antofagasta Minerals, Luskic-group and partly owner NZ based Origin Energy, but has no pretensions of being the first, it does aspire to become the largest geothermal power generating country. To achieve this has eight projects with varying degrees of progress in five regions of Chile. “Our project Tinguiririca (Region VI), is the most advanced, but we hope that by the end of 2012 the others are at par at the perforations. In this way, we will evaluate which of all can be transformed into our first geothermal power plant, “says Jose Manuel Soffia, general manager bof the firm. The expected decision taken before 2015.

Finally Alterra Power (Magma Energy), a Canadian company, has a portfolio of geothermal exploration projects in Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Peru and the United States. Butterflies and Pellado their projects in Laguna del Maule, are possibly escalating into geothermal by 2015. “They are located within 120 KM of Talca and inferred potential is 300 MWe. We hope to start building in 2015 and in 2016 started the release of energy to the Central Interconnected System (SIC) “he says.

Source: Got Powered