The Top 10 Geothermal Countries 2018 – based on installed generation capacity (MWe)

Top 10 Geothermal Countries - by installed power generation capacity (MW) - Source: ThinkGeoEnergy
Alexander Richter 3 Jan 2019

The year 2018 closes with a total installed geothermal power generation capacity of 14,600 MW and a positive outlook in key countries of the geothermal world.

As with every beginning of the year, we are publishing an up-to-date list of the Top 10 geothermal countries year-end 2018.

  1. United States – 3,639 MW – with an additional 48 MW just added before the year-end
  2. Indonesia – 1,948 MW – short of 95 MW planned to be added before year end
  3. Philippines – 1,868 MW – no update to be had on projects that were to come online this year
  4. Turkey – 1,347 MW – a lot of capacity came online just before the year end to take advantage of favourable feed-in-tariffs
  5. New Zealand – 1,005 MW – with 25 MW in commission just before the year end, the country just managed to get back into the 1 GW Geothermal Country Club
  6. Mexico – 951 MW – with an exciting new incentive and support scheme, things might be moving further in the coming years
  7. Italy – 944 MW – with the current political climate, this number might not change much soon
  8. Iceland – 755 MW – adding another 45 MW early last year
  9. Kenya – 676 MW – with the pipeline of projects, the country will jump the rankings soon
  10. Japan – 542 MW – news on small-scale development don’t hide that things are not evolving much

Other countries represent an installed power generation capacity of 925 MW, bringing the total installed geothermal power generation capacity at the end of the year 2018 to 14,600 MW.