ThinkGeoEnergy celebrates 5,000 days of geothermal reporting

ThinkGeoEnergy celebrates 5,000 days of geothermal reporting ThinkGeoEnergy - 5,000 days of geothermal reporting
Alexander Richter 10 Aug 2022

With our first post published in December 2008, we have now reached day 5,000 since we started reporting on geothermal news.

Today is an interesting milestone for ThinkGeoEnergy, our 5,000th day of reporting geothermal news from around the world.

We started with ThinkGeoEnergy in late November/ early December 2008 and published our first article on the split of the geothermal energy company Hitaveita Sudurnesja in Iceland on December 3, 2009. The company was then split into a district heating company, HS Veitur, and the power generation company HS Orka.

Going through the reporting of December 2008, there are also some interesting nuggets, among other geothermal development in Bolivia near the border of Chile, and initial steps on the Puga geothermal project in Kashmir. Interesting enough the latter has now been kicked off for real about 14 years later last month.

A few key statistics:

  • 5,000 days of reporting (13 years, 8 months and 9 days)
  • 3,404 working days
  • 14,240 news pieces published
  • 2.8 news pieces per day (4.18 news pieces per working day)
  • and of course we also run our Spanish platform PiensaGeotermia (launched in 2012) and the Turkish platform JeotermalHaberler (launched in 2017)

With about 3 news pieces per day, we clearly have been quite busy and with the geothermal sector, also we have changed and adapted our reporting. From purely focused on power generation and (as we set out) large scale direct use, we are increasingly reporting on geothermal for district heating and generally heating.

Design iteration of the site:

As with every website, we also went through some design iterations, first image shows the sites from 2009 to 2013 and then the latest evaluation from 2016 to today.

ThinkGeoEnergy Website Design Iterations 2009-2013


ThinkGeoEnergy Website Design 2016-today


  • 52,000 visitors to the site on a monthly basis
  • 110,000 pageviews on a monthly basis
  • Visitors from ca 200 countries on a monthly basis
  • Top countries visiting: U.S., Philippines, UK, Kenya, Canada, Indonesia, India, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands
ThinkGeoEnergy monthly readers 2009-2022 (Google Analytics)
ThinkGeoEnergy location of readers 2009-2022 (Google Analytics)

If you want to learn a bit more on the background on where our visitors come from have a look at an article written by me on LinkedIn in 2019.

Some social media stats:

Our ranking on search engines:

If you are ever searching for geothermal terms on Google, you will come across articles of ThinkGeoEnergy on a regular basis, this is particularly the case for Google News.

We are particularly proud to have such a prominent position on Google News, last but not least given the noise and overall news output globally. Ranking in Google News is determined algorithmically by factors, such as:

  • Relevance of content
  • Prominence
  • Authoritativeness
  • Freshness
  • Location
  • Language