ThinkGeoEnergy Geothermal Newsletter – our international subscriber base

ThinkGeoEnergy Geothermal Newsletter subscribers map as of January 2015
Alexander Richter 22 Jan 2015

With now more than 1,800 subscribers, the weekly Geothermal Newsletter by ThinkGeoEnergy is a key tool for the industry being informed about news from the global geothermal sector. This map shows the distribution of our subscriber base.

Working on a number of things to take ThinkGeoEnergy to another level, we are also doing some data work related to our visitors and subscriber base. As part of that we played a little with the list of our subscribers.

We currently have 1,833 subscribers, an increase of more than 67% over the last 12 months. Our subscribers come from all over the world, which you can see in the map above that we created based on the locations of our subscriber base. We recently also changed the date for the newsletter to Tuesdays. In the quick poll done this month, subscribers mostly preferred that day over Thursdays, or were considering either day fine.

As part of our ongoing work on the new website, there will also be some changes to the newsletter set-up and the things offered by ThinkGeoEnergy.

For now I thought this map is a good overview on our subscriber base.

ThinkGeoEnergy Geothermal Newsletter subscribers map as of January 2015