ThinkGeoEnergy wishes Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year

ThinkGeoEnergy wishes Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year Glimpse in the year 2018 of ThinkGeoEnergy
Alexander Richter 23 Dec 2018

ThinkGeoEnergy wishes all its partners and friends Happy Holidays and a successful New Year. We will be taking a break and return with reporting and our newsletter in January.

ThinkGeoEnergy will take a break over the holidays and not send out a newsletter next week. The next newsletter will go out in the first week of January.

We wish you and your families a peaceful and restful holiday season.

This is been quite the year and in a separate article, I will share my personal reflection on yet another crazy, eventful and exciting year for ThinkGeoEnergy and the geothermal energy industry.

I would like to thank all my long-term and new gained partners that have made it possible to maintain ThinkGeoEnergy and its service to the global geothermal energy industry.

Thanks to my advertisement partners: Ormat Technologies, Turboden, Exergy ORC, Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR), Mannvit, Verkís, Controlled Thermal Resources, Geothermal Resources Group, Petreven, Seequent, Storengy and Erdwerk. Without your support a lot would not have been possible.

Thanks to my partner in our and beyond, my good friend Dr. Jochen Schneider and his colleague Sabine Volland.

Thanks to Carlos Jorquera, Eren Gunuc, Cannur Bozkurt and Aslihan Ozkale for their dedication on the websites for PiensaGeotermia and JeotermalHaberler in 2018.

My good friends Patrick Hanson, Jeremy O’Brien, Bastien Poux – you keep me on my toes and energize me greatly. Thank you so much.

My work with the International Geothermal Association has been utterly rewarding, while extremely tiring at times – thanks to the wonderful partnership and collaboration to Dr. Marit Brommer and her wonderful team it has been a great and groundbreaking year for the IGA, but also to my great support in the officers of the IGA, Colin Harvey, Dr. Toshihiro Uchida and Bruno Della Vedova, but also Bjarni Bjarnason, Jane Brotheridge, Albert Genter and all the others that have been a great support in the necessary work done on preparing IGA for the future.

Our good friends at IRENA, being able to share the geothermal story in the plenary session of the General Assembly in 2018 was one of my career highlights – thanks.

There are so many more to mention.

Lastly, I want to emphasise the fantastic work that the geothermal associations are doing in their work in representing the industry’s interest nationally and internationally. Your work is valued way too little.

Now lets remind ourselves that not all in life is about geothermal energy, and that’s why I leave it at that and will reflect in more detail on 2018 in a later post.

Happy Holidays and All the Best for the New Year.

Alexander Richter