Toshiba and KenGen sign MOU for geothermal power plant O & M

Toshiba and KenGen sign MOU for geothermal power plant O & M KenGen Managing Director & CEO, Rebecca Miano (left) and Toshiba ESS Business Development Executive, Mr. Toyoaki Fujita, celebrate the signing of the MoU (source: Toshiba)
Carlo Cariaga 31 Aug 2022

KenGen and Toshiba ESS have signed an MOU for the O&M services for geothermal power plants in East Africa.

Kenya Electricity Generating Company PLC (KenGen), a leading electric power  generating company in Kenya, and Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation  (Toshiba ESS), a leading supplier of integrated energy solutions, concluded a  memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU anticipates a partnership of Operation and  Maintenance (O&M) services for geothermal power plants in developing countries including  East African countries through a combination of KenGen and Toshiba ESS’s know-how and  networks. This MoU was signed during TICAD 8 held in Tunisia in August 27and 28. 

KenGen produces about 60% of the electricity installed in the country, with 86% generated  from renewable energy, such as hydropower, wind power, and geothermal power. For  geothermal power, KenGen has a 799 MW generation installed capacity, including the Olkaria  Geothermal Power Plants, Kenya’s largest geothermal power complex. Under this MOU,  KenGen will contribute to the development of geothermal power plants in East African  countries and become the “The point of expert reference” in Africa.  

KenGen Managing Director & CEO, Rebecca Miano said “Geothermal energy provides  sustainable power supply. It is a resource we have in abundance in Kenya, an advantage that  has enabled us to build a considerable wealth of expertise in its exploration and development.  This we have done for more than 50 years.” 

Toshiba ESS has delivered 60 geothermal power generation sets with a total capacity of about 3,790 MW all over the world, including Africa. It also supplied 4 sets of 70 MW steam turbines  and generators for KenGen’s Olkaria I and IV Geothermal Power Plants. 

“I’m delighted to announce this cooperation with KenGen, Toshiba ESS has collaborated in the  development of geothermal power generation and human resources in Uganda, Malawi, and  other East African countries. Through this collaboration, I’m convinced that we can contribute  to supplying clean and safe energy in the regions with KenGen.” said Toshiba ESS Business  Development Executive, Toyoaki Fujita.  

There is an ongoing survey to identify geothermal resources in the Great Rift Valley, a tectonic plate boundary running from north to south with immense geothermal potential. Both  companies are delighted to cooperate in this opportunity, and plan further business expansion.

Source: Email correspondence