Trabits Group acquires majority in large non-federal lease in Nevada

Trabits Group acquires majority in large non-federal lease in Nevada Soil Temperature Gradient Survey Drilling, Nevada (source: Wilco Energy, LLC)
Alexander Richter 27 Feb 2013

Alaska based Trabits Group has acquired a majority interest in Wilco Energy, LLC, which holds a non-federal geothermal lease in Nevada.

Trabits Group, LLC has acquired a majority interest in Wilco Energy, LLC.  Wilco Energy holds a non-federal 1,240 acre geothermal lease in the heart of the Colado Known Geothermal Resource Area.  The Wilco lease is located in Pershing County 7 miles northeast of Lovelock, Nevada with access from Coal Canyon Road off of Interstate Highway 80.

Eighteen temperature gradient holes (~500ft), two intermediate-depth holes (~1,500ft) and a 8,000 ft exploratory well have been drilled in the area.  Subsurface temperatures have demonstrated a shallow outflow zone in the western portion of the lease area with maximum temperatures in excess of 210°F at depths of 300 -500 feet below surface.  To the east a deep exploratory well indicated a maximum temperature of 282°F at 7,000 ft, suggesting the primary upflow zone of the geothermal system is associated with typical Basin and Range structures along the west side of the Humboldt Range.  Similar existing geothermal systems occur along this trend e.g. Rye Patch (20 miles NE); Brady’s (50 miles to the SW).

In addition to drilling, extensive geophysical and geochemical studies have been completed including gravity and magnetic, dc resistivity soundings and profiling, time domain EM, scalar MT-AMT and telluric profiling.  Getty Oil completed the initial exploration, drilling and development in the area assisted by University of Utah under grant funds from the US Department of Energy.  The lease area was recognized in the late 1970’s, and early 1980’s as one which warranted exploration focus.

Rye Patch Gold Corp. noted high subsurface temperatures during gold exploration drilling on the lease area.  One gold exploration drill hole encountered live steam at a depth of 1,270 feet.  In April 2011 Wilco Energy, LLC completed a program of drilling thirty 2 meter temperature gradient holes in the open plane area of the lease.  The program used a time based temperature data logger that can be programmed in advance to record temperatures at intervals from as short as every two seconds to as long as once every 24 hours.  Results of the temperature gradient survey identified two up-flow zones within the lease area.

Wilco Energy plans to continue work on the property and is seeking expressions of interest from possible joint venture partners.

Source: Trabits Group company release by email