Trias Westland connecting 4 additional greenhouse operations

Trias Westland connecting 4 additional greenhouse operations Start of drilling for 2nd well of Trias Westland, Netherlands (source: Carel Kramer via Trias Westland)
Alexander Richter 25 Mar 2021

Geothermal heating operator Trias Westland in the Netherlands has connected four additional greenhouse operations to its geothermal district heating network.

In a news piece, Dutch geothermal heat operator Trias Westland anounces having connected four additional greenhouse operators to its geothermal heating network.

These four new growers, Zwinkels, Ammerlaan-Sosef, Van Stickelenburg and Kwekerij Westpoel will be using geothermal energy from Trias Westland adding an additional 15.5 hectares of greenhouse horticulture area.

“Precisely because of the cold weather conditions in February, it became abundantly clear that the heat is highly desirable. These 4 companies were desperate for it. Despite the frost, we were able to complete the commissioning work well,” said Stijn Wolterink (developer of sustainable heat, Trias Westland).

Ammerlaan-Sosef has installed a coupling pipe between the two greenhouses, so that the company can use the single heat buffer that is there for both gardens. Kwekerij Zwinkels plans to mainly use geothermal energy as a boiler company. The 4 new participants are provisionally using the sustainable heat from the first geothermal source of Trias Westland.

Source: Trias Westland