Trias Westland pushes forward with expansion of geothermal heat development

Trias Westland pushes forward with expansion of geothermal heat development Well test, Trias Westland, Netherlands - Feb. 28, 2018 (source: Trias Westland)
Alexander Richter 15 Mar 2020

Dutch geothermal heat project company Trias Westland has signed a construction contract for above ground facilities for the expansion of its geothermal heating operations in Westland, Netherlands.

With the signing of a contract with the company VB for the above-ground installations, the realization of Trias Westland 2 is one step closer. Trias Westland B.V. is a joint venture by Royal FloraHolland, HVC and Capturam founded to making geothermal energy available to all greenhouse horticultural companies in the region of Westland in the Netherlands. The goal has been to realise a geothermal doublet in collaboration with greenhouse horticultural buyers, ultimately creating a geothermal company for and by greenhouse horticultural entrepreneurs.

The Trias Westland 1 project is utilising a 2,300 meter deep well to derive geothermal energy to heat greenhouses.  On September 2, 2019, it was announced that Trias Westland will start with a second geothermal doublet. With the financing of this doublet and the expansion of the heat network, the first contracts with the drill, contractors and suppliers have been signed. Greenhouse horticultural companies affiliated with Trias Westland that were unable to use the heat from the first doublet are now also gaining access to sustainable heat as a result of this development. The work in preparation for the realization of the second geothermal heat doublet on the Lange Broekweg in Naaldwijk will start in the first quarter of 2020. The construction of the heat network will start immediately.

Just as with Trias Westland 1, VB will realize the above-ground installations for Trias Westland 2.

The realization of the geothermal heat source Trias Westland 2 will result in a significant expansion of the heat supply. For the extra thermal power (heat) that will become available with the second doublet, an extension of the existing installation on the Lange Broekweg is necessary. This expansion includes additional heat exchangers, pumps, piping and a degassing tank at the geothermal site.

The activities of VB start after a successful well test of the second source.

Source: Company release