Tunisia takes pride in Tunisian engineer on geothermal project in Djibouti

Engineer Mohamed Chaari (source: Tunivisions)
Alexander Richter 17 Jul 2018

A recent piece by Tunisian TV station Tunivision shares the country's pride in having a Tunisian engineer working on a geothermal project in Djibouti.

A recently shared video piece by Tunisian TV station Tunivisio, features Mohamed Chaari, a Tunexian engineer who is currently working as part of a geothermal project in Djibouti. The video shares footages from the arrival of the geothermal drilling rig, we have been reporting about recently.

With an international crew working on the project, it is interesting seeing a Tunisian engineer as part of this project. With geothermal resources of its own, currently used for heating greenhouses, building up local knowledge and experience clearly is a positive thing as also highlighted by the piece.

The video unfortunatly only features footage and no sound

Video broadcast on Djibouti TV

Source: Tunivisions