Turkey records all-time daily high in domestic and renewable electricity

Kizildere geothermal power plant by Zorlu Enerji, Turkey (source: Zorlu Enerji)
Alexander Richter 27 May 2020

On its new all-time record high domestic and renewable energy electricity generation, Turkey reports a 5.3% share of geothermal on May 24, 2020.

On May 24, 2020, Turkey recorded a new all-time daily high on local and renewable energy power generation, as announced by Turkey’s Minister for Energy and Natural Resources as reported by Daily Sabah.

“On May 24, we achieved a new record in daily production by generating 90% of our electricity from domestic and renewable resources,” Fatih Dönmez said on his Twitter account, while he didn’t specify the amount of the electricity generated in the day.

Hydro plants constituted the largest percentage of 43.7%, while local coal plants contributed 16.5% to electricity generation, according to the minister. But likely more importantly and interestingly, geothermal energy provided 5.3%, not a small percentage.

Wind plants powered 14.5% and solar plants constituted 7.2%. Geothermal and biomass plants added 5.3% and 2.6%.

According to official figures of Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIA?), total electricity production reached 457,921 MWh on Sunday, May 24, 2020.

Source: Daily Sabah