U.S. report estimates stagnant share of geothermal in overall energy mix

U.S. report estimates stagnant share of geothermal in overall energy mix ThinkGeoEnergy Global Geothermal Power Plant Map - North America
Francisco Rojas 11 Jun 2014

Today, renewable energy technologies in the US, such as wind, solar, and geothermal, are supplying affordable, reliable, and clean power to the equivalent of 16 million American homes yet it is expected for them to amount nearly half of the energy portfolio by 2030.

In a report generated by the Center for American Progress, an overview of the energy needs for the country, and their composition in 2030 are detailed.

As it stands, American currently depends on coal to generate its electricity, around 45% of the total. The report, quoting a study from the Deutsche Bank, predicts a progressive substitution of coal with natural gas. The US Energy Information Association also predicts that 50.2 percent of new electricity consumption will come from natural gas and 46.6 percent from renewables by 2030.

Electricity is expected to grow constantly at a rate of 0.7% yet the intersting issue here is the inminent rise of renewables. Bearing these projections in mind, new and more ambitious projects might soon follow.

For the case of geothermal, the growth will continue on a stable and similar fashion, making solar the main and dominant force in renewables.

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Source: Center for American Progesss Website