Uganda’s potential for geothermal energy utilization

Alexander Richter 21 May 2009

Uganda's geothermal power potential is estimated at 450 MW, and the country's government is dedicating US$ 45 million towards the exploration of geothermal power.

In a recent article in Ugandan’s New Vision Online, it is looked upon the potential for geothermal energy utilization in the country in light of the dependency on hydro power and the drop in water levels in the so important Lake Victoria.

The article describes the worries of sustainability of the country’s hydro resources and continues with that “the energy ministry committed US$45 million (sh89.5b) towards the exploration of geothermal power.

It is high time the Government found better use for the hot springs around the country. Geothermal energy in Uganda is estimated at 450 MW. Potential areas are Katwe, Kabiro and Buranga in western Uganda and are ranked for exploration.

According to a United Nations–backed project testing new seismic and drilling in Kenya, The East African great rift valley has a high potential for geothermal power production. Kenya is more committed to harnessing geothermal energy. It produces 67MW and this is expected to rise to 576MW by 2019.”

Further details on Ugandan geothermal work can be found on the website of the German Federal agency for geoscience and resources (BGR).

Source: The New Vision, Uganda