UK: Local Council to appoint JV partner for geothermal heating project

UK: Local Council to appoint JV partner for geothermal heating project Crewe campus, Cheshire, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Alexander Richter 10 Nov 2015

The local Council of Cheshire East in the UK is expected to soon name a private joint venture partner for a planned geothermal district heating project.

The local council of Cheshire East in the UK has been looking at the possibility to develop a geothermal district heating project, as we have been reporting before.

It is now reported locally that the Council “is seeking to appoint a joint venture partner before Christmas to enter into a contract to establish a joint venture company (JVC) in order to take advantage of the geology of the area.”

The basin of Cheshire is expected to be a suitable site for a geothermal project, with possible groundwater temperatures of between 75 and 110 degrees Celsius. In the UK, there are only six sites with geothermal potential for economic utilisation.

Cheshire is hoping to create a district heating system that could be fuelled by geothermal, but alos biomass, solar thermal, and solar PV. In partnership with the University of Keele, geological mapping is currently conducted.

The Council is now looking to form a private limited company for an initial period of five years to help bring the project forward. It is expected that a partner will be named before Christmas.