UN plans support for geothermal efforts in Uganda

Kasese, Kaberole, Uganda (source: CleanSource Energy Partners)
Francisco Rojas 8 Dec 2014

Jukka Usukainen, director of the UN's Climate Technology Centre Network vows that agreements have been signed to kickstart geothermal development in Uganda

A brief local news piece suggests that the UN is willing to help Uganda develop its geothermal potential.

According to Star Africa, in a recent public event from the UN’s newly appointed entity the Climate Technology Centre Network, its director Jukka Usukainen said that they “had sent experts to advise Uganda on how to undertake the geothermal project. Jukka said much of Uganda’s geothermal potential has not been exploited over the years due to lack of expertise on the required technology. The UN support comes as a backup to some US companies like AEE Systems which have already signed agreements to start geothermal energy explorations in Uganda.”

At the moment, the country’s geothermal is around 400 MW according to the latest estimations.

Source: Star Africa