University of Dar es Salaam staff begin geothermal training with GDC, Kenya

University of Dar es Salaam staff begin geothermal training with GDC, Kenya Tanzania group in training course at GDC, Kenya (source: GDC)
Alexander Richter 13 Dec 2019

GDC has started a 21-day training program for staff of the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania on geothermal science and technology in Kenya.

Six staff members from the University of Dar es Salaam Geology Department have begun a 21 day long training on Geothermal Science and Technology at GDC in Kenya. The course is facilitated by a pool of GDC experts and comprises of both classroom and practical sessions which will be held at conference rooms at Polo Centre, which also houses GDC Central Rift offices, and the Menengai Geothermal Project respectively.

Key topics to be covered include geothermal systems and global occurrence, geology for geothermal exploration and development, tools for geothermal resource mapping (geoscientific information), overview of geophysical methods used in geothermal exploration, geothermal mapping using ground temperature measurements & Temperature Gradient Holes (TGH), data integration and interpretation (schematic conceptual model), drilling technology in geothermal resource exploration and development, well testing and reservoir technology, utilization of geothermal resources and planning and management of geothermal projects among others.

“We have high expectations as we learn from the best within the region in geothermal matters. Back in Tanzania we have Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) but we are benchmarking with GDC. We are looking forward to learning as much as we can so that when we go back home, we can share the knowledge acquired with others as a way of capacity building for geothermal practitioners in our country,” said Dr. Emmanuel Owden Kazimoto one of the trainees.

Speaking during the opening ceremony at the Polo Centre offices in Nakuru Dr. Robert Ogutu, Acting Head – Geothermal Center of Excellence (GCE) urged the trainees to make use of the available resources and expertise of trainers during the training period.

A training in geothermal well drilling for members of Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and Mining is continuing smoothly.

Source: GDC