Update on activities by US Geothermal

Update on activities by US Geothermal Neal Hot Springs project site, Oregon (source: U.S. Geothermal)
Francisco Rojas 14 Jul 2014

US Geothermal releases very positive results and information of the current project of the company and their performance over the first two quarters alongside with the current development that the company has at home and abroad.

On a recent post in Finanz Nachrichten, a detailed analysis of US Geothermal is provided.

As stated in the release, the company’s operations in Neal Hot Springs, Oregon continue to operated as expected with very high availability and and increase in megawatt hours of “27%” compared to the pervious period despite of maintenance operations.

Regarding the San Emidio project, Nevada, availability is also high but there is a small fall in the power produced when compared to the previous period “as a result of an extended outage taken in April.”

The third project, Raft River in Idaho had impressive availabilities averaging “99.5% and 94.0% respectively”, allowing a 7% increase over the prior year period.

The article goes on to further detail the current projects in development and it also informs that “the Company expects to release second quarter financial results, along with 2014 and 2015 guidance, on August 14, 2014.”

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Source: Finanz Nachrichten Website