Update on German geothermal development provided by GtV

Project site Taufkirchen, Bayern, Germany (source: Exorka)
Alexander Richter 3 Jul 2013

The German Geothermal Association has provided a new update on development in Germany, talking about 59 projects in development and planning stages. They have a combined power generation capacity of around 132 MW.

The German Geothermal Energy Assocation (GtV – Bundesverband Geothermie) has recently published an overview of current installed capacity of geothermal installations for 2012.

The German geothermal industry differentiates between “Deep Geothermal (applications)” at a depth of below 400 m and “Shallow Geothermal” at a depth above a depth of 400 meters.

Today, there are 22 geothermal facilities in operation with an installed capacity of 223 MW. Of that there are today 5 geothermal power plants with a combined capacity of 12.5 MW.

There are today 59 projects in planning or development. Thereof 16 are currently in development, with a combined  electricity generation capacity of 42.6 MW and a geothermal heating capacity of 171 MW thermal. The planned depth ranges from 600m to a depth of 5,200 meters. Three of the projects in development are classified as EGS projects.

There are 43 geothermal projects currently classified as in planning, they represent a potential power generation capacity of around 89 MW and depth targets of up to 6,000 meters.

The majority of all projects (both planned and in actual development) can be found in the state of Bavaria, followed by Baden Wuerttemberg, with a small number in the northern part of Germany.

Source: GtV (all in German)