Utah could create thousands of jobs with renewable energy development

Alexander Richter 22 Feb 2010

Renewable energy development in the state of Utah could create thousands of new jobs, including in the development of the state's great geothermal resources.

In news on a recent study, it is reported “that renewable energy and energy efficiency investments in Utah could yield significant economic benefits for the state by 2020, including the creation of 7,000 net ongoing jobs, nearly $310 million in net annual earnings, and a $300 million net annual increase in gross domestic product by state (GDPS).

The report, “Building the Clean Energy Economy: A Study on Jobs and Economic Development of Clean Energy in Utah,” analyzes the economic impacts of an energy strategy that includes a 20% electricity reduction through energy efficiency measures and 20% of electricity coming from renewable resources by 2020. The study was requested by Governor Gary Herbert’s (R) energy advisor, Dianne Nielson.”

Among the other renewable technologies, this is what the report talks about when looking into geothermal.

Utah is among the leading states in the U.S. for geothermal electricity development potential. Interest in Utah’s geothermal potential has increased noticeably over the past couple of years, with new projects breaking ground in both Beaver and Box Elder counties, as well as a planned expansion of Utah’s first geothermal power plant, Blundell, in Beaver County. According to the UREZ report, Utah’s geothermal electricity technical potential is over 2,100 MW, which includes 754 MW from identified sites. This study models the development of 241 MW of geothermal electricity by 2020 roughly one third of Utah’s identified technical potential.”

Source: EV Wind