Vallourec secures new contracts for geothermal projects in Africa and Europe

Lake Assal, Djibouti (source: Fishercd, commons Wikimedia)
Carlo Cariaga 11 Sep 2019

French pipe manufacturer Vallourec is reaping the benefits of a thriving geothermal industry with supply contracts in Europe, Africa, and potentially in Indonesia.

With new contracts for two geothermal projects in Africa and Europe on top of their current contracts with projects in Munich and in the Lake Assal in western Djibouti, French tube and pipe maker Vallourec is on pace to sell up to 7000 tonnes of tube for geothermal projects in 2019.

Vallourec is currently supplying 4000 tonnes of tubes to the district heating project in the Munich municipality, which has set a goal of achieving 100% geothermal district heating by 2040.

Vallourec’s OCTG and VAM pipes are about to be tested in extreme temperature and highly corrosive environments in the Lake Assal project, located at the northern region of the Great Rift Valley in Africa. The drilling program for this project will target a depth of 2500 meters, where sea water at 305 degrees Celsius is to be extracted.

According to the company, they are also in a good position to secure supply contracts in some some of the projects in Indonesia.

Source: Kallanish Energy